How Do SEOs Build Links To a Website

If you want to rank your website well in today’s digitally-driven world, you can’t ignore the importance of link building. The technique of link building involves getting other websites to link to yours.

Because links are one of the most important ranking factors, SEOs the world over incorporate link building into their SEO campaigns. SEOs build links to a website in various ways including:

Content Creation & Promotion

SEOs work hard to create interesting, unique, high-quality content that people will want to reference and link to. Once a high-quality piece of content is created, it has to be promoted in order for anyone to find it and link to it. Content can be promoted on social media, blogs, via email broadcasts, paid ads, guest posts, etc.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging involves contacting other websites to see if they will publish a piece of your written content on their blog. Even though Google said a few years ago that guest blogging is no longer effective, SEOs still use this link building tactic because it works. If the quality of the content is great, many reputable sites will gladly accept a guest post.

Broken Link Building

There are typically many broken links on a large, valuable, high-quality website that the owner doesn’t know about. Broken link building is the practice of helping site owners fix their broken link by providing them with a working link from another site that’s more valuable.

This is a very effective, ‘white hat’ or Google-approved link building strategy. SEOs often look for broken links on resource pages because they’re pages with lots of links.

Get Listed in Link Roundups

A link roundup is a blog post that ‘rounds up’ links to awesome content. This is typically done on a weekly or monthly basis and often includes a short write-up. You can find blog link roundups in nearly every niche.

When an SEO uses this link building technique, they will find websites in the client’s niche that regularly post roundups. Then all that’s left to do is pitch the client’s content for the next roundup. It’s that simple.

Recycle Old Domain Names

Many expired domains have great backlink profiles, high authority, and valuable backlinks from places like leading news sites, online magazines, and other reputable sources.

When an SEO recycles an expired domain, they can build a new site on it for instant authority, use the expired domain to link to the client’s site, or redirect the expired domain to pass on link juice to the client’s site. Expired domains with great backlink profiles are worth their weight in gold, and savvy SEOs know it!

Digital PR

Digital PR is a very popular link building technique used by many SEOs today. It’s a great way to earn high authority links from leading press publications.

This strategy involves creating amazing content that reputable publications would love to cover on their sites. An SEO using this technique will craft the content, reach out to the targeted publication and pitch the content. If the publication covers the story, a valuable backlink is earned for the client’s website.